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The University of Waterloo Hyperloop Pod Competition Team



The University of Waterloo Hyperloop Pod Competition Team

Waterloop is now seeking funding for final fabrication and assembly.
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This project is the response by a group of dedicated University of Waterloo students to the SpaceX Hyperloop pod challenge to independently design and build a prototype Hyperloop pod to be tested on a one-mile test track in Hawthorne, California in the summer of 2016.


The Prototype


The Prototype

Our prototype design uses a minimalist style while retaining strict safety considerations. By selecting this design philosophy, a reduction in the manufacturing complexity, cost and mass is achieved, while simultaneously permitting an effective travel speed and increased reliability. Our attempt to build the pod with off-the-shelf components throughout the system allows for it to be scalable to full size and to reduce cost. Furthermore, the flexibility inherent in such a modular design allows for additional functionality and aesthetic flourishes to be included without significantly impacting the pod’s core functions.



The Concept


The Concept

The conceptual pod design demonstrates a full scale version of our prototype at its maximum potential. The first proposition is that the performance of the pod may be optimized by creating a perfectly circular lateral section, allowing the pod to roll at corners, thereby allowing it to take turns without reducing speed or causing passengers to sway unnecessarily. Therefore, this design feature will save energy, time, and improve passenger comfort. Secondly the diamond-lattice patterning of the skin is reflective of the underlying geodetic structure which allows for the possibility of lightening the weight of the hull through accepting shear forces onto the structural members, rather than the skin alone. The windows of the interior are arranged to create a unifying experience as passengers share glimpses of wide panoramic views, rather than a singular, isolated window. The rounded form, interior mirrors designed to resemble the windows, and white colouring all work together to make the space feel larger in design situation where space is extremely restricted.

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The Team


The Team

uWaterloo Hyperloop, or Waterloop, is a group of students from the University of Waterloo passionate about new technology and believe that technological advancements of today are the key to greener solutions of tomorrow.



Luke Kershaw

Matthew Chum

Matthew Niedoba

Mohit Verma

Montgomery de Luna (website)

Natalia Zigante

Nick Geisbacher

Nikhil Keswani (website)(LinkedIn)

Ninuola Oladunjoye

Ojaswi Tagore

Pavel Tsolov

Robert Chiu

Salah Masad

Sarim Ali

Scott Hoefig

Sean VanderHeyden

Sheng Wu

Shubham Aggarwal

Thanh Ma

Usman Akbar

Victor Qian

Warren Yao

Yazan Obeidi(website)


Faculty Advisor

Serhiy Yarusevych



Aboudi Taha

Alisha Bhanji

Andrew Cole

Ashwin Patro

Brandon Hiles

Brendan McGaffey

Curtis Lambert

Dar Mehta (website)

Darian Zigante (LinkedIn)

Deepak Kini

Eli Cavan

Emmeily Zhang

Eveline Lam

Fion Fong

Harry Look

Jack Liu (LinkedIn)(Startup)

Jake Malliaros

Justin Trudell

Khaled Berry (LinkedIn)

Kimberley Huggins

Krishn Ramesh

Lior Lustgarten

Lucas Compton

Lucy Low